Few words about our telegram account and channel. Although Telegram positions itself as secure and anonymous messenger, there are doubts that this is true and you can’t fully rely on that claims. But it is quite popular messenger, so we decided to use it as one of communication channels with our users.

If you are very concerned about your anonymity and confidentiality and don’t trust Telegram than better use Tox messenger or encrypted email service to communicate with us.

Another nuance: as you know telegram account is registered only with valid phone number by getting sms or voice message. And you can’t get truly anonymous sim card — it’s always registered on behalf of somebody’s name.

So to get “anonymous” sim card you have to securely buy it from someone else or use someone’s sim card. We chose to use one of the free “get sms online” services to register our telegram account. So there is a small (but existent) possibility that one day someone tries (and succeeds) to register telegram account to the same phone number, and we lose access to our telegram.

Not a pleasant situation but you have nothing to worry about because this new owner would not get any access to personal chats (if wrote to us) or channel — our account will be reset to a new absolutely empty account because of our security settings. Apparently in that case we also lose all our chats and channel posts. So don’t be afraid if you don’t find us on telegram one day. If this happens we will immediately inform you on our site and medium blog.

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